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Pen drive

Pen drive is removable data storage device that is invented by IBM in 1988. Pen drive is used to transfer data from one device to another. Pen drive is used to store all types of data like MS word files, photos, pictures, mp3/mp4 songs, PDF files, music, audios, videos and more.

Since pen drive is small in size but has large data storage capacity, so the pen drive has replaced the previous portable data storage devices like floppy disks, compact disk, zip drive and other removable devices. Pen drive can be easily inserted into the USB port of any desktop PC or laptops so that you can transfer data from pen drive to hard drive and vice versa.

Pen Drive Data Recovery Software: | Price: $45

Pen drive data recovery software helps you to recover deleted digital photos, pictures, songs audios, videos and other precious data from corrupted, formatted or damaged pen drive. Pen drive file recovery program is fully capable to recover your deleted data in all major data loss conditions without any data loss.

Pen drive recovery software provides facility to view your lost files (from pen drive) before their final recovery. Pen drive data restore program get back your entire lost data from pen drive.

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