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Android Data Recovery Software

Select the drive from which you want to recover data. In case of lost partitions,
Click on "Search More Partitions" button to find deleted drives.

There are several reasons due to which many people loss their crucial data from android device. Android data recovery software will help you to recover your all lost data just in few easy steps.

➡ Virus, spyware or worm attack: Virus, spyware and worms can corrupt the memory card of android device and make its data inaccessible.

➡ Accidental formatting: when you accidentally format the memory card that makes the data stored in the memory card inaccessible.

➡ Human Errors: when you mistakenly pressed the delete button and erased some valuable data.

➡ During transfer file from one to another device: Data can be lost during the file transfer from your android device to other device.


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