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Pocket Drive

Pen drive software

Pocket drive (also known as USB drive, pen drive, thumb drive etc) is portable data storage device that is used to transfer files from one PC to another. Pocket drive can be easily attached to USB port of desktop PC, laptops and notebook. Pocket drive become more reliable and durable than the other removable devices, because it is faster, smaller and contains no moving parts. Pocket drive uses flash memory to store all types of data like photos, pictures, audios, videos, MS word files, PDF files, mp3/mp4 files and many more.

Pocket Drive Recovery:

Pen drive data recovery software recover lost data (official documents, photos, pictures, images, songs, mp3/mp4 files folders etc) from all types of pen drive like USB drive, pocket drive, thumb drive, USB memory stick and more. Pen drive recovery program get back your entire deleted data using advanced inbuilt disk scanning technique. Pen drive file recovery software restores your deleted data in major data loss causes like formatted or virus infected pen drive, logically corrupted pen drive, damaged pen drive and more.