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USB recovery software provides basic search, deep search and signature search recovery techniques to recover deleted data.

USB Recovery Software Screenshots

  • Basic Search
  • Deep Search
  • Signature Search
  USB Recovery Through Basic Search

Basic search:  This mode is used to find lost data in most common data loss conditions on the basis of fundamental partition parameters. You can easily recovers deleted digital photos, pictures, important official documents, project files and other valuable data from all type of USB drives.

  USB Recovery Through Deep Search

Deep search: USB drive recovery software provides deep search recovery algorithm to recover deleted data from USB drives in complicated data loss conditions.

  USB Recovery Through Signature Search

Signature search: USB drive recovery software provide signature search algorithm to find out different file types regardless of file system structure of storage media. Now you can easily recover lost files saved in various kinds of file extensions.

Selection Of Drive

Select the drive from which you want to recover data. In case of lost partitions, Click on "Search More Partitions" button to find deleted drives.
Browse Destination Path

Browse the path where the recovered data will be saved by DDR pen drive recovery.
Scanning Process

Currently performing searching based on "DDR Thorough Signature Scanning Algorithm".
Recovered Files

Now, recovery process has been completed, You can view your recovered data by clicking on "Open Containing Folder".

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